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 - likely to be under constant construction & revision and is a wonderful source of information for any new computer users and existing clients of 121 Computer TLC.

Anything below in orangey red is a link! 

What are FAQs? - They are Frequently Asked Questions (most good websites have a section entitled FAQ and here one can find a list of information based on an enquirer's likely questions).

What is Google (wikepedia definition)? To the left is a link (in a kind of orangey red): you have to click on it to get the definition (& it takes you to an external website). If this seems over-simplified you're unlikely to need our tuition services but you never know you might need our technical services!

What is You Tube ? (Click the link.)

Here's a fun example of a You Tube video (if we have any copyrighting issues with this it will be removed immediately - TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN A BIT FIRST - THIS COULD BE FOR HORSE LOVERS!): Don't take the mickey out of a horse!

What is The Internet ?

What is Spotify ?

What is Facebook ?

What is the difference between email & webmail ?

We would add that we prefer Email to Webmail mainly because the big ISPs (Internet Service Providers) want you to use webmail because it puts you in front of loads of advertisements that brings them revenue whereas with Email you get nice clean lines/design and NO advertising and fairly simple user-friendliness.

What is an Email attachment ?

What is StumbleUpon ?

What is Ebay ?

What is PowerPoint ?

What are drivers ? - By this we mean "software drivers" rather than car drivers!

Much more to come - revisit regularly - you will find this section really helpful.

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