• Personal home computer tuition (1 to 1).
  • All technical work (excluding hardware - which is typically only about 3 % of all remedial work needed on a computer).
  • Virus help.
  • Malware (malware = malicious software) help.
  • Computer scam victim assistance.
  • Health checks.
  • Email, broadband & Internet help.
  • No frills website design.
  • Choose a Broadband provider help.
  • Choose a computer help (including showroom visits). This includes picking you up, taking you to a showroom, helping you choose a computer that matches your  needs and for all this we only charge you TIME (not fuel costs). We are happy also to install the computer too (including Broadband, email and The Internet etc.).

Fees (for all to see - no hidden charges with us)

First hour: £22.50 (which is our minimum visit fee).

2nd. hour: £19.50

Subsequent hours: £15.00.

(Part hours are charged pro rata in 15 minute segments so for example a job taking 3 hours 20 minutes would cost £64.50 made up of 2 hours costing £42 plus one and a half hours at £15, being £22.50 (total fee: £64.50.)

We DO NOT undertake "NO FIX NO FEE" work and we would caution potential clients contemplating this sort of contractual arrangement as in our experience these schemes can result in extremely expensive fees for work being successfully carried out and companies operating this system will be very inclined to state that they have "fixed" your computer (but after the first restart your original problem may well still be there - so be careful).

Health checks:

Again we charge by time - so if a computer is heavily 'infected' (maybe running slowly as well - which means taking remedial action is unavoidably slow too) it may take a few hours to be returned to good 'health'. Typically, however, the average computer with some spyware, malware and maybe browser hijacks etc. may only take 2 hours (£42) of work.

Compare us to the big names like "PC World and Currys" etc.

Many well-known large companies with store chains will charge a minimum fee of £50 for such work (health checks). Of course they will require you to take your computer to them (whereas we work in your home - so no inconvenience and fuel costs). Not only that, but they will often 'wipe' the hard drive (an insensitive and often unnecessary action) and you may be re-united with your computer with many of your files/apps/programs missing (data loss) and/or many familiar icons gone or in different places. Many times 121 TLC have been called out to rectify the work of these large concerns, so using local companies is a wise move and a cost-effective move too.


Fees are as above technical work. We recommend 2 hour lessons. Subject matter is negotiated with the client but it is always the client who dictates what is covered in lessons (unless that is you prefer us to suggest a course or programme of lessons).

Check our SPECIAL OFFERS page to see if we are offering any discounts for pre-booking a series of lessons.

Mileage charges:

We now (from August 1st. 2015) travel up to 25 miles distance (one way) from our base in Huttoft on the Lincs. coast with no extra charges being incurred (previous limit 15 miles). So this, for example includes Woodhall Spa. Technical work and/or tuition undertaken beyond 25 miles: mileage charges (at our discretion) will be charged by individual negotiation.